Mindwalker Diaries (Vols 1-12)


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I was surprised to learn when you are exploring spirituality how sexual it is and the many forms of expression it takes. The sexual act is more than just physical contact, it also can involve merging with light beings, shape shifting with just a lover’s touch and traveling with a partner to other dimensions.

There is a downside. When you are sexual with someone and love isn’t involved, this lowers your frequency and you cam find yourself in very dark places that I call the lower astral worlds that are inhabited with people who have fragmented themselves through the misuse of sexual energy; through sexual abuse; and through sexual perversions.

The sexual act is an act of creation; it is transforming and it is act of healing. Many individuals prefer to center the sexual act in the lower chakras and this creates astral attachments and a person can take on their sexual partners’ issues without being aware that it is someone’s issues that has possessed them.

When we have clarity about being multi-dimensional, we will see every act, every thought, every action has multi-dimensional ramifications.

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People worry about 2012; there are so many opinions about what 2012 is about. People wonder what will happen. The signs are around us; we have to learn reality. Reality is symbolic.

Today let’s focus on the word “occupy”; it is used today because of the situation around the world and in our country. Sometimes the answer to questions is in front of us and we don’t sometimes understand the levels involved.

The word “occupy” is bantered around much these days. Has anyone thought, we also need to “occupy” ourselves. So many of us are half way in body. If we were fully in body, we would be aware; have a greater discernment and certain individuals would not be in position of power; media would not be feeding us one-sided news; and we would have a wider perspective; we would not be acting like sheep on our way to a slaughter.

Think about this: who is served when we do not occupy our body. Some find life difficult and are exhausted and have started exiting from their body without considering a spiritual exit plan; we have the ability to “exit” life when we choose; but that is another discussion. Because we have been given “enemies”, we have been given fear in its mean insidious forms; and we have allowed others to be herd drivers of our life; therefore, a lot of people have quietly surrendered and do not occupy their bodies completely which causes physical and mental problems.
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People always wanting somebody to love them ‘conditionally’. Hollywood and fiction has made “love” tragic, humorous, a conquest, the great hunt, etc. etc.” Love, as most humans, come to define love is “what everyone wants” but they want it from someone else instead of themselves. When was the last time you loved yourself unconditionally? How can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? How you can you love the being that you are if you don’t know who you are? Most people don’t know their own mind, less alone their heart because they react, they don’t feel and most times their reaction has been manipulated and programmed.

Love is a binding force not a manipulating force, not a tragic force. Love has been shaded into many categories so most people want to avoid love because it hurts too much. But most confuse that feeling as love when it is more about manipulating, controlling, enslaving some one into your emotions. Love does not demand, it is compassionate. Most people say I love you but there’s that underlining understanding they have that is it is based on certain conditions. How many times have you heard someone say, if you loved me, you’d do the following. Unfortunately, we are not taught to love unconditionally; but to relate to people with certain conditions. Love does not demand one to be loyal like a trained dog. Love isn’t about competition; it isn’t about being better than; it is not about making demands. Love is unconditionally. People are conditional in their relationships. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved yourself?
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