News Release for The Harbinger Poetry Series May thru September 2019

The Harbinger Poetry Series 11x8.5_300PPI-RGB_Composite

CONTACT: Lorenzo Buford FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Darkness Matters in “The Harbinger Poetry Series” LOS ANGELES, CA May 2019 “Poetry can be the voice of the lost and the ancestors,” says Lorenzo Buford about The Harbinger Poetry Series on Amazon Kindle that will be releasing a book every other Friday beginning May 17, 2019 […]

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The Red Poem Book Trailer

I am a captain – a poet shaman walking, sailing, flying the wanderers / the sacred monsters through oceans wrapped in captivated minds. What happens when mythology starts to live within you? The Red Poem deals with lamenting mythical voices. This collection focuses on life as a game board for unseen forces. These poems will […]

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