Whore of the Heavens (Novel Excerpt)

Whore of the HeavensWe are R’azel. We are a collective consciousness.
We are a Mothership.
R’azel could be viewed as a city of consciousness, a higher frequency thought-form. We are a collective of entities who have formed a uni-mind that hovers near your planet as a transducer of energies coming into Earth as well as those leaving Earth.
There are Motherships above your world that are here to help with the ascension of your world and the universe.
These collective consciousness, sometimes serve as a transducer for interdimensional energies, also serve as a marker for interdimensional travel and they can enter various time zones. Usually Mother Ships are a feminine consciousness, wrapped around other various types of energies. Motherships can exist on various levels simultaneously and also can be used as “warships”. They are viewed as “angelic vehicles” that can enter the Heavens. Some Motherships represent sections of creation that have returned to their source when they have reached completion of their evolutions, these ships can be viewed as expressions of goddess in the realities of time and space.
Tonight we will talk about the powers that are sleeping within you. You are awakening to being multi-dimensional beings that are trapped in limitations. These multi-dimensional beings are you; they are your powers. Before you incarnated on Earth, you are and were light workers from other realities. You were manipulated by other selves, who changed your DNA, who stopped you from accessing powers that are expressing themselves in other forms. These other selves became like gatekeepers preventing you from accessing your multi-dimensional self. They wanted to be the forbears of creation and manipulate it to their desires. They do not understand; they exist within another entity that exists within another entity. The connection has been severed; no one can ascend as a whole being to a higher vibration. The part that is disconnected is quarantined while other portions of the entity can move into a higher vibration but at some point the entity must return all of its portions to itself before it goes beyond what you can imagine.
It is time for you to send out a call and return the powers that have become self aware and that have been blocked from you to access them because of these interlopers. In a sense, you are your own enemy. Part of the darkness you fear and must confront is a convergence of your denial fragments. You are a part of a vast program; an experiment that is coming to completion.
Think of yourself as an eye not in the traditional sense of the human eye; the true Eye is omni-directional; it is multi-dimensional; it is not linear.
The Eye is more powerful than fire. It sees from the Unknown water; it discerns; it does not judge but brings forth all that was before it, into what is present. It brings existence from Images. It is The Beginning and The End.

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