The Monstrous Soul Poetry Series – Release Spring 2020

The Monstrous Soul Poetry Series

This seven book poetry series will explore the highs and lows of sexual expressions. These poems are about the outsider; the sexual rebel in the workings of archons; the good and bad of sex magic.

These poems will be about love, about death while living, about dealing with possession and the destruction of creativity through technology.

It is the gnostic journey of a poet’s journey through light and darkness; through Thanatos and Eros, through the angelic and demonic, through being human moving to a non-human awareness and manifesting one’s shadows as physical, spiritual and psychological oppressors.

These poems are about sexual slavery, sexual degeneration, sexual liberation through sexual magic and transcending the desires of flesh to be transcendent of man’s theatrical dramas.

These poems are a gnostic lament of a soul trapped in human bodies.

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