Sometimes it is easy to stick our head in the sand and not pay attention to our heart and be beaten down by opinions of others. When you fear opinions, you are giving your authority over to someone else.

Listen to what the person is saying because in most cases people are reacting to pre-program responses and fearing to be individualistic in their day-to-day life.

When you choose to be an individual, your own authority, you will find you are walking alone sometimes in a crowd. Trust, you are not actually alone but it is about perception. The reality you occupy is about transition from a prison cell mentality where there is some authority figure regulating your life so you don’t look within and know who you truly are.

It is easier to let people’s opinions keep you blind and off the path of your heart. It is always easier to think someone knows more than you. You know what you need to know when you are ready.

The need to be is inherent within all but somewhere along the line, you believed someone told you that you can be only what they think you should be and only can advance based on their opinions and piece of paper. Knowledge is within; the wisdom is how you choose to use that knowledge.

When you avoid being yourself, you lose your voice; you become diminish and become a game board for others to move you around their dramas as they please. It is time to see the world for what it is; it is a classroom and it is not the end all and be all; once you come to realize that, you are no longer chained to anyone’s opinion but become the dancer from the dance.

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