We should be our own heroes and stop looking up to others. Looking outside ourselves for someone to rescue us; to make us feel complete only negates a part of our self. That negated part becomes its own thought-form that manifest its own reality; dream – depending on how much energy you give to it.

We become addicted to denials that feeds into the denial fragments that become astral parasites that will return to its source and can create destructive behavior. You are the source for these parasites but most people will not recognize this; they will think they are being taunted by voices; by demons. Thought creates reality. Once you deny; judge; you create a thought-form that will seek to become self aware; that you will have to confront at some point during your human incarnations. If it is not resolved in this life; it will be resolved during one of your human incarnations.

Once you understand and accept – thought creates reality; you will see how your root belief systems affects your daily life.

We do not own each other; we experience each other; and having someone as your hero you are giving them power over you.

To admire someone I feel is okay but to put them on a pedestal; you will be disappointed. Eventually the pedestal will crack; that idol will fall because it is worshiping something else and not embracing your innate divine heritage. You will feel your outside attractions, your heroes have something you don’t have. You will think they know more than you. Maybe they do; but that does not make them better. Someone may be more talented; some one may be more attractive than you; but this is all perception. We get caught in rules by mass consensus on what is acceptable and push the others into the shadows so we don’t have to see or deal with them. We easily become outcast when we make others our heroes; because when the heroes are tired of being your hero, they will want their own heroes. No one is better than you. Who you are is an expression, an exploration of the Divine seeking expression in all its forms.

We each have something to contribute to creation. We each are creation. We each live a story that we believe in.

If you feel the need to be rescued you will bring a hero into your life but there is no happy ever after; because you will always feel someone must rescue you if there is a problem. No one can bring you happiness, no one can bring you love; it is in you; you can share but believing someone brings you the things you need; only diminishes you; and then you become addicted to others; because you forgot who you are; you are not living in the now; but always in a fairytale dream, “rescue me” or “Oh, I’m so helpless”; “I am weak, I don’t know how to live my life.”

You will repeat addictive dramas as long as you look for a hero and forget you are your own hero.

Assisting someone, lending a helping hand is great; it does not make the person a hero in your life; it just means you are blessed to be involved with a compassionate person. Use this experience as a teaching; not who you need to be; you have the gift of free will; imagination; there are no limits but what you are influenced to create; remember – thought creates reality; whose thoughts have you allowed to own you; ride you like a broken horse.

Many movies and TV shows are designed to dis-empower an individual. He thinks he needs to look outside himself; he thinks he needs to believe in someone else; and forget that everything that he needs is inside; but we are taught by systems, institutions, religions and the need for acceptance, that someone else must tell us who and what we should be. You are a conglomerate of thoughts – what do you truly want to think about yourself? Do you want to be like a vampire, always looking to drain life from the living because you forgot how to live; and when I say vampire, I am talking about psychic leeches who feed off life-force.

The hero mythology is about the journey you take inward to free yourself of those who want to be controllers; those who want to be the wardens of your thoughts; those who want to recycle your thought process; speak the lines you learned through mind control techniques and media manipulations.

We are individuals. We each are more than what we are told. Looking for a hero, is like worshiping an idol (example: rock stars, TV reality stars, movie stars, athletes). Looking for someone other than yourself not only negates you; but slowly diminishes your capacity.

In some, it will manifest as an illness; in others it will manifest as addictions, it will manifest as emotional issues; it will manifest as a weak voice; as a person who needs that seal of approval from family, friends, lovers and will do anything to achieve it no matter what destructive path they must take.

We are here to love; to be love; to experience love; and we are searching for love; the hero within takes us to love.

In being your own hero, sometimes you feel like you must walk alone; but it is only the perception of being alone. We are in a time period where we have to look within; embrace our divine heritage and no longer give the reins of our life to others. We must learn to love; – all there is love; – and anyone who turns you from that wants to own you.

Being a hero for someone else, makes you a slave to their opinions, their rules. Unknowingly, you live in a trance state, you get lost in technology and forget how to have face time with someone; so busy being addicted to gadgets, they disconnect you from your heart. And then you go looking for the love, the hero, the one who will make you feel alive; because you do not want to accept the fact you have given your allegiance to technology and not your heart.

It is a good thing to be inspired; it is a good thing to be an example for someone but it is better to let them fly on their own and not hold them or make them walk your path. We can teach, we can offer suggestions but the person must walk their own path and we must not judge.

Some people walk a dark path of destruction as a lesson not only for themselves but a teaching for others. You cannot know the light without the darkness and as long we continue to make the darkness an enemy, we will make heroes outside ourselves instead of embracing the love within.

The hero’s journey is your life; embrace your life; embrace your truth and know that love will always guide you. I’m not saying you’ll have a cotton candy type lifestyle; human life is being in school, there are many lessons to learn; many experiences to have so you can evolve into something greater.

Be the hero; be the love that you are destiny to be.

Next time you look for a hero, stop and look in the mirror; there is your hero.

So take a look at your root beliefs, maybe its time to plant a new seed, and cut off the dead roots that keep you in limitations. You are designed to be magnificence. Do not be homeless from your self.

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  1. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always interesting to read content from other writers and use something from other websites.

  2. Hi I am doing an art project on this exact topic and i was wondering could you tell me the name of the artist who did the image at the begining of the blog?

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