The Red Poem Book

I am a captain – a poet shaman
walking, sailing, flying
the wanderers / the sacred monsters
through oceans wrapped in captivated minds.

What happens when mythology starts to live within you? The Red Poem deals with lamenting mythical voices. This collection focuses on life as a game board for unseen forces. These poems will talk about the Fallen Daughter, the apocalypse of the Soul, strangers who keep you walking in the night and the lovers who will only know your night time flesh.

Memories stand in doorways
like late night hookers
like an abused child who can’t sleep;
like a thief waiting
to steal your night treasures;
like a fading ghost believing it still has life.

This is the first volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book poetry series about the dark night of the soul as it journeys through light and darkness.

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