News Release for The Harbinger Poetry Series May thru September 2019

CONTACT: Lorenzo Buford

Darkness Matters in “The Harbinger Poetry Series”

LOS ANGELES, CA May 2019 “Poetry can be the voice of the lost and the ancestors,” says Lorenzo Buford about The Harbinger Poetry Series on Amazon Kindle that will be releasing a book every other Friday beginning May 17, 2019 through Friday, September 6, 2019. This nine book Gnostic poetry series will cover subjects such as colonization, world mythology and the black gay life style. Some books will be print books.

Buford, a sixty-four year poet stated, “Readings works by Carl Jung, James Hillman and Alejandro Jodorowsky has influenced me to explore the subconscious. Each poem is a self-contain story; a memory from a dream or relationship experiences or the night life of a bar stool philosopher.”

Continuing, “Writing is like breathing. So I write every day. It may be a poem, a song, or dialogue for a play but I need to write. I don’t wait for inspiration. It is about being disciplined. You have to be willing to erase boundaries; and let go of your personal definitions and others expectations of your creativity.”

Buford describes the Harbinger Poetry Series as revealing the experiences of the long dark night of the Soul. This Gnostic series of poetry is mythical, sexual, spiritual and disturbing. Buford stated, “These poems are about looking at the self in the mirror, loving what you see and stop playing the victim role. I feel my interest in surrealism, graphic novels and shamanism has helped me to be an archeologist of the subconscious.”

Continuing, “My early influences in writing were James Baldwin and Yukio Mishima for fiction and Nikki Giovanni and Charles Bukowski for poetry and lately it has been Lucille Clifton, a poet named Ai, Emanuel Xavier and reading works by Asian, Native American and indie writers.

Buford has previously released a twelve book poetry series, The Mind Walker Diaries; several fiction books, The Whore of the Heavens, Raped by Memories and the Fall From The Mind. As a former cabaret singer, he is still writing songs and will release a collection of plays in 2020 and has written a musical about zombies.
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