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 My poems are drunken chaos
and cannot be automatic so,
let my poems be a dream offering not an ethnic tirade
or a dark perspective lamenting
for being colored in all directions.

Strangers look for the one who is a night ship to help them through their dark nights and their sexual hungers. The night ship is the shaman-poet-wanderer walking through dream-time and the worlds of the unseen. The night ship is a sexual artist that raises one from their valley of shadows. The night ship sails the waters of the mind and travels in the realms of the gods and mythology.

Imagine being a vessel for ancestors to travel through flesh and spirit, being a vessel that sails into regions of the uncharted mind.

Imagine being a vessel for the monstrous, the forgotten gods, the whores of the heavens.

These Gnostic poems reflect the journey through light and darkness of a Night Ship to transcend the webbing of the Matrix mind.

 Have reared my head in dreams that were
not exits but still births, and in back alleys
I am haunted, raped, lynched, pillaged and
wake up running with a ticket in hand to
the freedom train and it is derailed.

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