People always wanting somebody to love them ‘conditionally’. Hollywood and fiction has made “love” tragic, humorous, a conquest, the great hunt, etc. etc.” Love, as most humans, come to define love is “what everyone wants” but they want it from someone else instead of themselves. When was the last time you loved yourself unconditionally? How can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? How you can you love the being that you are if you don’t know who you are? Most people don’t know their own mind, less alone their heart because they react, they don’t feel and most times their reaction has been manipulated and programmed.

Love is a binding force not a manipulating force, not a tragic force. Love has been shaded into many categories so most people want to avoid love because it hurts too much. But most confuse that feeling as love when it is more about manipulating, controlling, enslaving some one into your emotions. Love does not demand, it is compassionate. Most people say I love you but there’s that underlining understanding they have that is it is based on certain conditions. How many times have you heard someone say, if you loved me, you’d do the following. Unfortunately, we are not taught to love unconditionally; but to relate to people with certain conditions. Love does not demand one to be loyal like a trained dog. Love isn’t about competition; it isn’t about being better than; it is not about making demands. Love is unconditionally. People are conditional in their relationships. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved yourself?

Your heart is where the soul is. The Soul longs for expression. It is part of greater identity that is seeking to know itself.

When you love someone, you are loving an aspect of you? When you are out of love with someone, you are in denial with a part of yourself. No one can complete you; what we most search for is within us. Yes, we came to physical incarnation to experience physical pleasures, to experience love as we knew it as spirit but we forget and as flesh has limitations so we made love finite. We sacrifice thinking we are being noble, thinking this is a great act of love; it is looking at life from a limited perspective because we forgot how to have a wider view of what life truly is, sometimes the sacrifice is because we are afraid of losing, afraid of a person completing their karma; understanding that events that happen to people are issues of experience that must be healed; and understand what spiritual love instead of physical addiction to sensation.

A pet loves unconditional. They are a symbol of unconditional love.

Yes, we write books, songs, movies about love. But it is love of physical sensation, love of duty; this is not love; it is just satisfying a physical addiction to the five senses. Can you love the dark side of human nature; those who have dibased life to its lowest possibility; can you embrace that person? Can you embrace someone who is not physically appealing, someone who does not have the right skin color, the right gender, the belief system, the financial status, the right friends, the one who is the outcast? Can you love the darkness as equally as you profess to love the light?

So many songs have been written and books and movies saying “love hurts.” The five senses hurt; not love. All there is – is love; anything that separates from love; is anti-life; is a soul addicted to the material world and all its roadside attractions. When you love who you truly are; no one can hurt you; no one can imprison you illusions of hatred or self loating. When you truly love who you are; you are beyond the five senses and you have a greater awareness of the state of being you are in; you realize this human life is only one life that you are experiencing and realize the vast of your soul.

Without love, there is only the state of being like a living dead; always looking to feed off the life of another; and we get addicted to eat another person’s essence when we want to control their feelings, their emotions so that we feel satisifed; alive – not taking the responsibility of our state of being; we want to own, display, ignore, dismember, judge, victimize those we say we love; because it is easier to hurt someone else then to deal with the hurt we have inflicted on ourselves.

When was the last time you looked inside to see the being that is waiting for you; the one who truly loves you; the one knows that you are temporarily addicted to the dance of the shadows?

Love is not governed by manmade rules, man made belief systems; love is all there is; but we think we can own it on our terms and dictate it to others.

We have regulated lover to various territories with boundaries.

There is always tension in duality. The tension will make wings to fly or you will find yourself face down in the mud. We must embrace the duality within to make it a singularity to transcend the distractions of the outer world that keeps us blind and ignorant.

Yet some people like their face in the mud so that they don’t take responsibilities for their feelings; their actions; respect this and understand this is where they are at in their journey to love; and yet; it is still about the levels of perception we encounter as we become more conscious.

When you love someone, they are mirror for you to accept yourself; some part of you is ssearching for love – maybe in all the wrong places and that part needs to be brought back to the light to embrace love with the heart and not with the workings of the hands and mind.

If you are ‘not in love’ then you are not embracing you. If you are in love with someone else and not yourself, you are in denial and that denial will take many forms to bring you back on track sometimes it’s not soon enough and can lead to death. Denial will come as bad relationships, addictions, cult manipulation, illness, suicide, death and attraction to abusive, manipulating personalities.

In addition, no one can tell you who to love. Love is all there is….why do you separate yourself from love and make love something it isn’t. Most people prefer the illusion of love and have relationships that are like prison sentences.

When you wake up to love, love is the force that binds all creation together, than you are no longer “pining away for someone” or addicted to someone’s personality but will have an expanded awareness.

The creation we are experiencing is the result of a greater entity exploring its denial self.

Also, the ones who brings us the darkest moments in our life; are bringing a gift of love. The shadows can be teachers; can be guides to help us awaken what’s inside of us; – love – it will heal, it will protect – it will help us to transcend.

Everyone wants love; not the distractions proclaiming they are symbols of love.

Consider this: No one can complete you. To think they can, you have already lost a part of yourself. We are made in the image of God, Prime Creator, the Source, whatever name you choose to use. All want to be love; but we must love all parts of ourselves if we are to be what we truly are – LOVE.

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