You have many identities. The face you show the world, is not the face you wear when you are traveling in other dimensions; nor when you are relating to other people. It depends on your state of mind also what other entities are looking through your eyes or if you are in contact with your ancestors through the bloodline.

Your face will change and other faces will merge with you in your day-to-day activities. Some of you will begin to understand the events happening to your in the subconscious; other realities by looking at your face. Your face will reveal your history, your lineage; and do not be afraid when you look in the mirror when your face changes into other faces. Some of you are conscious that you are merging with other entities; some of you have awakened the ancestors; others selves are looking through you, to assist, to observe.

Identity will be what it must be to assist you in your awakening and journey.

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