People worry about 2012; there are so many opinions about what 2012 is about. People wonder what will happen. The signs are around us; we have to learn reality. Reality is symbolic.

Today let’s focus on the word “occupy”; it is used today because of the situation around the world and in our country. Sometimes the answer to questions is in front of us and we don’t sometimes understand the levels involved.

The word “occupy” is bantered around much these days. Has anyone thought, we also need to “occupy” ourselves. So many of us are half way in body. If we were fully in body, we would be aware; have a greater discernment and certain individuals would not be in position of power; media would not be feeding us one-sided news; and we would have a wider perspective; we would not be acting like sheep on our way to a slaughter.

Think about this: who is served when we do not occupy our body. Some find life difficult and are exhausted and have started exiting from their body without considering a spiritual exit plan; we have the ability to “exit” life when we choose; but that is another discussion. Because we have been given “enemies”, we have been given fear in its mean insidious forms; and we have allowed others to be herd drivers of our life; therefore, a lot of people have quietly surrendered and do not occupy their bodies completely which causes physical and mental problems.

Because we are not fully integrated in body, we have given our authority over to others; we have allowed others to homestead our mind. Also, our opinions are based on what we are spoon fed by various media and by mindless talking heads. Yes, everyone has an opinion, but most opinions are knee-jerk reactions and not based on fact; just programmed responses. If you really stopped to think before you speak, you realize that you are repeating what someone else is saying instead of speaking from your heart. We are not taught to speak from our heart but to regurgitate what we our fed by media, by culture, by race, etc., etc. What do you think life would be like if everyone spoke from their heart; and not their mind; and I’m not talking about “the Hollywood version” of what they think a heart felt response should be; I’m referencing to the heart as a symbol of spiritual love; not the shallow version spoonfed version we are told what love should be; – all there is love – ; and when you occupy your body; you realize this; and no one can take you from your center.

Listen to those in the media, are they “fully” there; when you analyze the rhetoric you realize they are attempting to “dumb down America.” Politicians, celebrities, media talking heads have the power we give them. If we turn our backs on them and declare our own sovereignty again, they will have no power over us.

It is easier to close the door and say someone else will deal with. Because we react without understanding the history of events, we have been prodded into belief systems that cannot serve us but serve us up to the few who want to control our economics.

When we occupy ourselves, we know when someone is being deceitful; we know when someone is representing the shadow side of our nature; we know when someone is lying; we know that know one will rescue us but us.

When we occupy ourselves, no one can steer into an illusion of comfort that has no foundation. Those it seems like dark days; it is the fever of transformation and empowerment that will free us. The oldy systems are failing; they are falling; and they do not want to go quietly to their death.

Fear has rear its head in many ways; and the politicians who claim to serve us; feed into the cult of fear for their personal agendas which has nothing to do with the people but how to align their pockets for money and power. Check out their history, check out where their money is coming from, check out their morals; you will see that money, the fear of scarcity, the fear that some “other” is coming for them; and therefore, they want to “occupy” our lives the way they think will serve the few and not the many. We are occupied by others fears and they make us their weapons to deal with the fears. Unknowningly, we are live the agenda of the rich; not the everyday man. When we occupy ourselves, no one can claim our integrity; no one can clam our sovereignty, no one can claim our authority.

It is time to occupy ourselves and get rid of the foreign installations that want to take our rights. We have given away so much of our inherit rights because we forget to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, no one can invade us with rhetroic, no one can tax us with lies and false advertising. When we occupy ourselves, we cannot be numbed into submitting to false doctrines; we welcome diversity and embrace the difference that makes us unique instead of using difference to make us the other, the enemy.

When we occupy ourselves, we are a human race, not a warring division classifying some people as third world, second world, whatever world that serves the agenda of those wielding political power and re-writing history to camouflage their sheninigans.

So when you think of the word “occupy”, it is a wake up call to go home to your self, be full integrated into body, into mind and embrace your divine inheritance so no one can lead you astray, regardless of trinkets they offer you. It is time to stop letting other people sell you a bridge that leads to a lifeless existence.

Occupy yourself, occupy your mind, occupy your life and be better than best, rise above the mundane and that certain politicians, certain systems, certain media would prefer to keep you exiled in. There are many types of ghettos; the one ghetto that is not discussed is the mental ghetto various systems have to keep you as mental slaves.

In addition, what is feared is when people are no longer asking permission to live a full and free life. When we occupy our being, then we are free; we are compassionate; we are forgiving.

When we are not occupying our self, we are at war; we create an “other” to house our fears.

Stop letting people make shadows for you to fight; occupy your life.

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