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Lorenzo Buford is a playwright, poet, song writer, fiction writer, and performer.

“I feel I need to know death to know life. We have to learn to die to live. Unfortunately, this has been erased from our history. Each day is like a little death but I strongly believe we need to learn to die consciously.

I am fascinated with gender identification, sex, death and multi-dimensional existences. I like exploring these subjects within my writings and music. Some people find it to dark, others feel it opens them to an Awareness they do not want looking into them; and others think I should go further out there. The darker the place you venture into the more you get to know that you are in all things.”

Buford is a solitary type who is fascinated with world mythology, comic book characters, shamanism.

“Sometimes I’ve been off track with my writings when I have allowed too many dissenting voices urging me to be mainstream, sell out make the big bucks, water down what you’re saying so it is acceptable. I’ve been criticized for my writings not being black enough or sometimes deemed to white or to weird for people to want to deal with.”

There is no one particular writer he can say is his main influence as he has been inspired by many writers of fiction, plays and poetry who cross many cultural and racial boundaries.

“I’m not looking for my fifteen minutes of fame or to become part of the herd mentality. I like writing; whether it’s good, bad, right or wrong, sexual, dark, disturbing, enlightening, angry, happy, – I like exploring a range of emotions.”

His favorite TV characters are Delenn from “Babylon 5″, Xena from “Xena, The Warrior Princess, “Willow” from Buffy and “Angel” from “Angel”.

“Yes, I have seen dead people and they have seen me. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we just stare at each other, sometimes I just ignore them and go back to sleep. I was always curious about what goes bump in the night. Well, all I can say is when you turn the light on to see what it is, sometimes you want to turn it back off.”

Favorite movies are “Somewhere In Time”, “Akira”, “Dark City” and “Lord of the Rings”, “The Matrix” and he has soft spot for “Mothra.”

“I have felt invisible most of my life, as if I was sent here to be hidden; but distracted from purpose because I was caught up in the mundane day-to-day struggle to survive. I know I am asleep and want to wake up out of the dream of the Archons. I know I am observing me from another place.”

Musically, his favorite artist of all times is “Diana Ross” and he likes the music of Randy Crawford, George Michael, Nancy Wilson, Minnie Riperton, Natalie Cole, Dionne Warwick, Shirley Bassey, Sylvester and Labelle.

“I feel I am the Outsider looking in the window; sometimes I want to buy what the mannequin is wearing or maybe take home the mannequin (most relationships end that way) but I’ve learned what is in the window is not real. Yet, being the Outsider has brought a level of creativity to my songs.”

Favorite comic book characters are “Storm” from the X-Men and “The Thing” from the Fantastic Four, the “Scarlet Witch” from the Avengers and “Dr. Strange.”

“I was influenced by James Baldwin; I wanted to run off to Europe like he did but it didn’t happen. I do not make a living at writing; hope to, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen. There have been many times I’ve spent my last few dollars to get my writing out to agents, publishers, competitions and friends. I have had to stretch a chicken for a week, nurse that one beer at a bar all night, or wear the same look when it is out of season just so I can use my money for writing. Words are magical and I like making magic. But I also know that my writing is not for everyone.”


Songwriting has been inspired by Toni Childs, Nona Hendryx, Sondeheim, various Broadway musicals and a glass of red wine.

“Writing for me is like breathing. It has to happen. I’m one of those writers who will wake up at 3:30 a.m. and write a song, a poem or a passage for a book or a scene for a script. I have had to let go of writing for success and write for the heart.”

Some of his favorite actors are: Robert Downing, Jr., Steve Buscemi, James Marster, Christopher Walken, and the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

After experiencing “the dark night of the Soul”, he has been on an inner journey to wake up from the dream. Borrowing a phrase from writer, Dorothy Allison, he refers to his writing as “biomythography.” The voices have told him, “You are a child of the light.” So he has been journeying to those dark caves within to know the Light.

He likes anime, graphic novels, sci-fi moves (good and bad), foreign films, and his current influences for writing comes from channel writings of Barbara Marciniak, surrealist writers, Chinese mythical dramas, Spanish films, and the kindness of strangers.

Buford says he is the path he walks and has been known to stop at the side of the road and become an attraction.

“The journey has been dangerous, dark, twisted, inspiring, frightening and bringing many hours of solitude. Luckily, I like my own company.”

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  1. Hey Lorenzo,

    I just found your poetry book, “To be Heard” in the stacks at the library I work in at my school. After reading it, I was intrigued by your writing and choice of words and phrasing!
    I’ll be looking into your other works in the coming days, I really love all that you do dude! Keep it up!
    I’m also an aspiring writer as well, so I really love the effort!
    Also, if you are interested, I’m trying to get into filmmaking as well, I’ve written a couple scripts and shot some, the website attached above is my channel if you want to take a look.

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