Uthra Rises

Lorenzo Buford

Lorenzo BufordI am the vine that men climb. I carry the song that will spiral Wanderers, the lost, the dead seeking redemption from my womb that is chaotic with dead things and through my Eye I will return what was wept in the beginning. I am the warrior who is announced by the thunder and the S/he who destroys all within her path. If I speak my breath would devastate all creation around me, and even the gods fear ...click to continue

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NEW! Online poetry book: "The Imaginary Poet" is ALIVE! Poetry by Lorenzo and images by JJ Torrez

Listen, NEW poems, songs: Beatnik From Space on the Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/LorenzoBuford

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Raped by Memories
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"Mindwalker Diaries" Vols 1-4

Vol 1 The Dead Warrior
Vol 2 Drunk on Images Vol 3 Flesh Invocations
Vol 4 Fire in Water
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The Fall from the Mind

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