Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

I am the Dream Catcher

I wore the mantle of the Tree
and became the Mind Walker
and my third eye
journeys as a dream catcher, spirit shield
as I journey in places in many forms
that were not named but experienced
where many are lost;
where many have manifested their illness;
and given angels embodiment
to feed of their mental illnesses
because of their ignorance.

I have walked as a Gatekeeper
with totem animals
and the voices that walk with me
are like dream catchers
are like spirit shields
are the ancestors of the bloodline
that help me to gather the essence of lost souls
And return them back to them.

I wear the mantle of the Tree
and look at the worlds
slowly walking blindly to the Abyss
because they have taken in more
than they can endure
and the catastrophe around them
they think are sufferings only
for the disenfranchised
and those they call indigenous to their minds.
Therefore, now I must walk a different
inner and outer path.

Soon I must shed this mantle of the Trees,
release the workings of the Shaman
from my third eye that is like a spirit shield
that is like a dream catcher
that is the door to many worlds
that are in-between
and become Nameless so ego cannot
administer me in its dealings to survive
but return to the Beginnings,

an eye of awareness
in the Infinite.

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