Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

First Gate of the Goddess

The blood path of the ancestors
is erupting the ancient phallic fire
that is ejaculating the rainbow.

This is summoning the Ancestors
who gather like storm clouds
and are approaching.

My sacrificial end
will merge and entwine my duality.

I have been the broken gate,
made by the two that are rooted in their own space;
and strike at each other from their rooted blindness
with vines that will take their breathe away.

They have been lost in the disharmony of pleasure
and are caught up in the fiddler's music
who impregnates
their thoughts
that take form as inhabitants of the ocean
in the alien moisture
that has escaped from my attempts of self satisfaction
when I was alone;

and these thoughts have become exiled from me.

I have broken away
from my reflection.

I am the first gate
that is now broken.

I was the womb,
a tomb,
a vagina,
a phallus
broken into duality.

Each gender is fighting with its reflection
with thundering storms;
but the lightning from the underworld brings illumination.

The desert between genders
will become fertile.

I am the male woman
who is no longer headless
and hunted for body.

I am a phallic tree.

My serpent lover
wraps around me
like an electrical mist
and impregnates me
with his thundering voice;

and I am born as the Androgyny
who will heal the wound of the ancient longings.

I made my loneliness
into the Lover/Consort
that I fashioned
from imagining
the touch of my Beloved
that I'm exiled from.

I am again
The First Gate
to return all my forms
so I am whole again.

I have adorned genders
to heal my ancient wounds.

The Three Faces of the Goddess
are now seeking the fourth face
that is no longer the song of the fiddler.

These wounds are The Exiled
who are like mouths
that I am
pouring my pain into
to speak it into flesh
so the pain will become souls
that will journey through light and darkness to heal
my ancient longings.

These wounds are exiled from my breath.

I have been made a bearded woman
and given hoofs,
and given antlers,
and my sojourning has made a blood path.

And those who did not eat of my fruits
have exiled their nature.

And I made orgasms to bring
the Exiled back into my embrace.

I am the Living Vortex,
The First Gate
welcoming the dualities.

Sperms are like planets
ejaculating / emanating
from perceptions
that will lead The Exiled out of cycles
so they are no longer haunting forms
to seek the Beloved.

The broken gate is healing.
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