Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Goddess in the Tree

Those who work in the shadows
have been using their puppets to kill us
- the tree shamans;

but they think
this death
is our only death
and do not understand -
The Goddess In The Tree -
is still beating her drum.

Did she not drum several bodies
into existence
so when one fire is extinguished
the other fire is lit?

We change form
though some still linger
in human form
wearing their death mask.

We have awakened in new bodies
walk in different faces and cultures;
and we still are
the living visionary poet,
the imaginative shaman,
and the always pregnant male mother
with song and stories

and poems
that are the keys
to awaken the stories
in the bones to new potentials.

We are the Goddess In the Tree
that exist on many levels of Being.

We are the shamans
with different wings and different songs but still primal,

still the visionary eye
as a Tree of Wisdom.
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