Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

The Living Poem / I am Crystal

This is a gift to you, the living poem.

It is a poem made from the living trees,

from the songs of the dragons that were made into crystals
that carry the stories, that hold the sacred spaces.

This poem is a living crystal tree;

so hear my stories!

Let this poem be a time travel potential.

Let it serve as a stepping stone.

Let the words that exist between the space
awaken you from the land of the dead
that is lost in time
and seeks a place to resurrect.

Let the words turn your eyes inward
and let your ears hear the words
that are spoken from between the spaces
and what cannot be Named
only seen through Images
let it making you, The Living.

Let those images reveal a poem.

Let this poem be an ark.
Let this poem be a magic carpet.
Let this poem be an internal orgasm
that will be ridden within.

Let this poem be a sorcerer's operation.
Let this poem be the Protector.
Let this poem be the Comforter.
Let this poem be the beat of heart.

Let this poem be Father, Mother and Child.

Let this poem be what is not spoken
and what is not remembered
but causes a stirring of what is hidden
in between the spaces of words.

Let this poem be the awakening
of the First Sound
the workings of the First Magic.

Let this poem be the anchoring of
what is, what was, and what will be.

Let this poem reveal obscure points of light
that will awaken your lineage.

Let this poem be an expression of breathe.

Let this poem help you to rise
and fly beyond dogmas, cultures, race, religions, gender
and old gods siphoning off of recycled souls.

Let this poem reveal what is between the spaces.

Let me be what I am

the Sound made Light

and the Light that was made into the Word

and the Word that was made flesh,

for I am

The Living Poem.

I am wet with moisture
from inheriting the song of the Dragons;

and I became the crystal lines, the ley lines, the dragon lines

that are pathways of the dragon conscious;

and the crystal beings
hold the Laments;

and gave them forms for healing.

I am the magic of the Dragons

anchoring the Ancients

into the untamed Nature

impregnating it with new creations.

I am crystal,

the portal song of dragons.

I am a standing stone,

the vortex keeper,

the standing eye looking in and out,

a door going both ways
when you know the dragon's song.

I am the song of the dragons.

I am crystal!

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