Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Let Us Make Fear

"Let us make fear," said the Old Ones.

"Let us flavor this fear."

"Let us make this fear
       in our image."

"Ah," one signed in an anticipated orgasm
as it imaged itself being edged into a new space.

"It must be nurtured."
"It must be cultivated."

"Ah, so we can ingest it;
but this food speaks like us
       in our image
       with our mind.

       It will be like self gratification
       when we ingest Its frequency."

"Let us thing this from fear."

"Let it harbor our fears
       we have made it
       a delicacy."

"Let us make fear," they said,
"like we were created in someone else's story."

"Let us create fear

as it is in our image

and become its god."
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