Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

The Male Birth

I have merged with The Abstractions.

We are becoming an entity that is rearranging the mind.

We are the transcendent
that has stepped
into the finite



through cognizant gaze.

I am being born into the place that is lost.

And I lament, "Where is the Light that will bring the Life?"

I am merging with the Abstractions.

We are a quickening
that is becoming an actuality

like a lamp post in a dark place,
like an oasis in a desert
like a lighthouse for the Navigators
who travel the seas of consciousness during mental storms.

I am the pregnant darkness in an artist's abyss.

We are a living visionary.

I am the Black Sun within flesh.

I am the golden child within the realm of The Abstractions.

The symbols are becoming characters in my flesh.

We will become the Theater of the Alien Mind.

I am in the womb of The Abstractions.

I am the child that will become the eye that is phallic.
I am a male that will be birthed by a male;

and I will see the world about me

that has been the playground of the one brother
who became two: I am the third place.

I am the body that will carry the Faces
that travel the seas of consciousness.

I am what was, what is and what is to come.
I am the Michael, the Lucifer, that entwined and become the Androgyny.

I am the one who will always be in the in-between places.

I am an imaginary abstraction taking on flesh to ascend the entwining brothers.

I am the body the Ancient faces will look through.

I am the third place that is not lost.

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