Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Am I not the Soul?

He says my kisses are like the effects of flapping butterfly wings.

         He says I am too feminine in my workings.

Sometimes his harshness makes me feel small inside,
and my voice becomes thin;
and I remember a time when Nature
was not raped or dominated.

        Am I not the Soul having a human experience?

He says he needs to feel the savagery;
the hunt, the coarseness,
the game; and the thrill of victory of man
dominating another man.

        Am I not the Soul having a gender experience?

        He says he is not sure why
        he is attracted to me.
        Sometimes I seem female; sometimes I seem male
        sometimes I am fairy;
        and sometimes I am just there

        when he rides inside me;

        I am neither;

and he feels comforted
but fear over shadows him
when he is no longer riding the waves of me
experiencing time and space.

        And when his winter sleeps in me,
        a part of me returns to the realm of fairy

        when I was safe embracing Nature
        before man's descent into my realm


I became his Soul.

And I tell him, "Am I not the Soul?"

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