Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Recall the Origin of Medicine

I am not an ordinary state of being. My embrace is life-death.

I am consecrated to myself. I am a poetic visionary who sacrificed an eye.

I must recall the origin of the medicine.

I must heal the rifts
   where entities live who think to harvest my essence.
   where ghost disguise them selves
     as lovers lost in timeline games.

I must remember the separation - must make the bridge
so that my Mother's story
will not bind me in her laments
and the sorrows that have become
my experiences in time and space.

And yet,
I must live her story - my story

and together.

we must live in another story.

I must remember the origin of the medicine,
the hand that soothes the pain,
the tear that will cleanse the wound,
and the moments that seal the ruptures;

and I will know that I'm not falling outside myself
but back into what I was.

And I must remember,
I am no longer a sacred lost art;
and don't have to wear
the character of the whore in the marketplace
or be the mud of the world for parasitic lovers.

So let my primitive signature
once again sign my name upon the stars
and let me spiral out the mind of mad blind gods
so I can dance outside the construct of the Machines.

I am no longer seeing myself sitting in branches
whispering to my trapped selves bound in timelines
but living in the Wonder as the many ascend into the Eye.

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