Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Sarcophagus of the Ancestors

I am in the stone body.
I lay in the sarcophagus of the Ancestor.

I lay in the body of the Ancestor
so that I am the Ancestor
and I am not.

The rain of wisdom raises my fears
as I embrace
the touch of the First Darkness;

and though time and space are within the words of man,
I am traveling beyond those places
to know those who came from the First Space.

No longer am I looking
out through their spawn.

I awaken as a flame from the Greater Flame.

Star born awakens.

Star born descends into me as time is bent to my will.

Now, I am walking the corridors of time
seeding myself like an eye into events
to be infinite among the finite
so that the darkness from beyond
will not bind me forever in its mental rants
and keep me as a Sarcophagus.

I walk among the humans as a transient passenger
as a wanderer,
as a shaman;
and as I speak with them
I am not touched.

I weep when I ask them, "Where is their light?"
Those who see me lay in me.

I am the Sarcophagus;
and they begin their journey into the ways of Wisdom.
I became Death to know Life.
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