Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet


With his alcoholic vision,
he said I reminded him of a spiral

Loose - Volatile;

and I needed to be closed down
so he could express himself in me;

and if I was all over the place,
where would he rest his head;
and how could he inhabit himself.

Loose - Volatile;

If I wasn't a movie
that had an ending he wanted,
what was the point
in participating in me
if he couldn't define
the beginning, the middle and the ending.

Spiraling put me everywhere
except where he needed me.

He said I would spiral
him out of control.
The world he knew would fall apart,
time would crack;
and he would not have definition

Loose - Volatile;

As long as he was sober,
I was a piece of work
he believed he could fashion with his hands
until alcohol gave him one eye
to have "the sight"

and the spiraling effect
he experienced with me
was not the orgasm he wanted
because it took him out of the body.

I could not be controlled nor tamed.

I am loose - volatile.

I am always spiraling.

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