Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Time Sorcery

Assume my breath with me.

Let the corridors of time
be like the veins in my body.

Let the words that are imprison
now turn inward to be free
and remember their Source.

Assume my breath with me
and let Time no longer dictate;
but we will dictate to Time
and what was, what is, and what will be
will fit into the stories we weave.

I am the First Magic -

The Beginning is always the Beginning.

Assume the breath with me
and the Old Ones are walking through me
as I am walking through the Old Ones.

We merge as One.

We breathe from that place
between the in and out breath.

I am the phallic / vagina gate
that goes both ways
- depending on your perception

and my orgasms
releases planets, releases seeds
that are waiting to be touched by the lightning.

Assume the breath with me.
from an Invisible state to the Visible
in this form we shall exist.

What was written that has bound us
shall now be erased.

The game board will not deceive us no more
because there is no chess piece
where we shall be encased.

Assume my breathe
and the One
who was born as time and space
ascends into the One beyond definition.

Time hieroglyphics will not bind the Will
that exists before creation and recording.

Assume the breathe with me
and become the Beginning…Awareness
from the time pockets and from the books.

Assume and become,

…The First Breathe is now born.

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