Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Tree Shaman

Once I was a tree woman,
a daughter of Gaia;.

Once I was a tree woman;
and no man knew me;

and man's blood
made us unequal
when man walked among us

and we had to bring balance.

There is Death
in us
that will bind us;
and yet,
would free us;

but some of us
would no longer be tree women.

We would be the One
who would be the gatekeepers

who would save
the children of the Mother;

so we embraced the Hunters.
We held Orion in our embraces
as the Tree Women
folded Orion Hunters into their arms,
we were entwined.

We are One:

the fire into water
the water into fire

and the body
that came from
that orgasm
caused my trunk to split
and the shaman was born.

I was no longer a tree woman;
there was no Orion hunter in my embrace;

we were one

with the sacred union
of the Heaven and the Earth
inside the body of the Shaman.

We had the Soul of the Mother
and we are the eyes of the Father,

and our Eye is in all things

and all things were in us.

Once I was a Tree Woman

and now,

I am the third sex.

I am the Gatekeeper.

I am the Shape Shifter.

I am the Shaman.
who flies without a body.

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