Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Twisting and Twinning

I can no longer
twist and entwine
with my lover.

You left me and chased birth
into a world of humans
that made gender wars
and gave you genitalia
that made war on many types of consciousness.

When you broke from my embrace
as you stopped looking into my eyes,
we found ourselves
riding chairs
through the minds of gods;
but you let go of my hand
and fell into the rooms in their mansion minds;

and I screamed your name;
and the pain shattered me
into stars, into planets,
into Things that wander through many forms
looking for its reflection.

I made planets
in these mental abysses
to hold the tears,
the blood that poured forth
as I gave myself wounds to hide in.

Where are you my Beloved
as the mental, the physical, and the emotional
cry out to the sun as statutes holding my laments.

I miss the embrace,
the twisting and entwining
with each other;

but your memories are like a knife
piercing my landscape.

There is an ocean between us.
The sacred space is now lands
that are constantly being raped
because we cannot recognize each other;

and I am exiled
into an underground fire
that will rise as a living tree
in the minds of man.

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