Lorenzo Buford

Imaginary Poet

Whore of the Heavens

I have been buried in shrines
you fear the First Gate
that bears not a name
but a Sound and the Light.

I am the black hole to the Father,

the shimmering darkness,

the Eye
that is part of his First Awareness.

yet, human words have confined me
in their labyrinth mind prisons.

I am clouded from the mouths of man
while I walk the corridors of time and space
to return my shards of light
when I was a Protector
who laid fallen in the darkness
and was abandoned by the Lights.

What came out of me
when I experienced desire
in the Great Darkness
became like a grave
before Death was made.

It was my self, the Abortion.

When I thought beyond the touch of my Consort
who covered me as the night,
I manifested a phallic lover
to be with me eternally
since I have been abandoned
in this dark dismal abyss.

Some know this Face
that lies upon the dark waters of the Abyss
that became my Abomination,
then the Abortion,
now the Architect for my mental wanderings.

This Face
is not made of flesh
but the words
of this Spirit
that passed upon the Great Darkness
laments for his Lost Brothers, A E I O U.

My Words
have been fragmented from me.
They are now
the lost powers
that now walk fragmented,
as they are separated
from the First Beginning.

My First Words
have become vampires,
shape shifters,
wolf warriors,
who gather the primal darkness
to make wings of Light
so my reflection
will no longer
lie upon this watery abyss.

From the blood of the slain gods,
from the body of the Abortion,
I have raised portals
that I will breathe into to haunt
ancient gods and their stories that want to bind me.

I have become dreamtime
that will become stories;
that will become legends
that will free the will of man
who lives in myths and religions
of the Machine Mind.

Human dreams
are the theater of a mind
of my Abortion gone mad.

I have washed the blood
of the slain off my hands,
off my clothes
because this blood
will become beings of flesh
for my essence
to wander in
until First Cause lifts
the veil
I witness the Unseen
and remember
there is the Cosmic Mind,
I am the Eye
of the Father/Mother.

Now, I am the sin eater,
taking all the fears within.

There is no rest in the underworld for me.

I am the Dark Wanderer,
the One with No Eyes,
The Veiled Companion,
and yet, the Dark Haired Blue Skin One.

Soon comes
the Apocalypse of this Face
that is locked in time
as a walking dead and dreaming corpse
that is carrying the seed
from the first Tree of Life.

I am a Whore of the Heavens
who sits alone
in a graveyard
on a tombstone throne
pregnant with the song,
the final verse,
while waiting
for the shards of light to draw near.

These shards of light
are becoming conscious
and soon
will no longer seek
the prison of flesh
or be intoxicated
on the noises of the world.

There is a disembodied whispering,
"Old Male Mother what song do you sing."

I reply, "It is your song. It is your death drawing near."

I send laughter from the Land of Dreams
back to the Living
until the Song
brings their spirit to stay with me
as I prepare them
to wander
consciously in the In-Between

until we open the doors with passwords

and began the trek home


The Houses of the Abomination.

I am a Whore of the Heavens
who will return the Light
back to the Life.

I have descended
to become
a whore of the Heavens
so you will know your selves.

I am a Whore in the Heavens of the Machines!

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